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Río Caribe Superior

Home of the Franceschi’s since 1830 and the most productive cacao area in the country, we are continuously impacting this region with a diversity of projects, from increase production to social programs to our community.

We led “Proyecto Paria” in the 90s, that started as a social development, and evolved to a cacao project boosting production by 50%.


The most diversified cacao working processes are found here; from beans sundried on the streets, to laying on top roofs.

Very ancient techniques have been developed, including our plantation “Hacienda San José”, that has explored the most assertive post-harvest processes.



A Trinitario variety with moderate content of “Criollo” blood and violet-colored beans, that can provide some pinkish beans.

beans table


Strong cacao aromas with medium acidity, bitter and astringent. Low notes of sweet, floral nuts, and brown sugar


Red and citrus fruits, coffee, tobacco, woody and hints of barley.