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“Chuao” is a tiny township located in the Coastal Area at the Northern end of Aragua State, Venezuela, and it is only accessible via boat.

The Parish is famously attributed to its 400 years if sowings of Creole Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao), which is the specie that produces the highest quality cocoa seed in the world.


Ancient post-harvest techniques, utilized for over four centuries, are the best kept secret for preserving the flavor and aroma of the “Chuao” cacao beans.

Along with other farming processes, these techniques are strictly handled and administered by the “Chuao” farming community.

“Chuao” Trading manages every link in the chain to guarantee the top quality and jointly with Casa Franceschi provides its export support to the North American Market.



A 100% Criollo variety with extremely limited production and outstanding characteristics highly regarded by prestigious Master chocolatiers world-wide.

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Light cocoa notes with low acidity and bitterness, honeycomb, and walnut.


Cacao, fruits and nuts notes.