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In Harmony:

Our Community

The first smiles we harvest are those from our communities. The work of our San José Foundation seeks both sustainability and the promotion of a strong, thriving society, through cultivating human relationships and providing social support to the region.

We attain this success by establishing dynamic alliances and deep integration with local, regional, national and multinational organizations. Together, we lay the foundation for educational, cultural, sports, health and entrepreneurship programs. Our model projects lead to sustainable development in our homeland, Venezuela, positioning our communities for long-term success.



Our Partners

Synergy and jointly effort with our allies have become a wonderful norm.

  • United Nations Development Programme | UNDP
  • Dirección de Malariología y Saneamiento Ambiental Carúpano
  • CAF | Development Bank of Latin America
  • Escuela Vargas de la UCV
  • Fundación Empresas Polar
  • Asociación de Médicos de Carúpano de la Región
  • Fe y Alegría
  • Cáritas Venezuela
  • USA Embassy
  • Provive
  • Fundaensalud
  • Diócesis de Carúpano / Arquidiócesis de Cumaná
  • Hospital de El Pilar