Certified Corporation


Our Enviroment

Osito hormiguero pigmeo
(Cyclopes didactylus) 
Edo. Sucre, Venezuela

We owe a large debt to the land that has given us so much.

It is our responsibility to be good, responsible stewards, to guarantee that it will continue to provide after we are gone. The smiles of our children and the planet that we will leave to them depend on this commitment.

We understand that both social and environmental sustainability are ways to maintain the balance between economic and productive growth, within our natural environment. We work with organic and biodynamic processes, which result in a more beneficial environment for cacao, as well as for the multiple species that inhabit or visit the fields. Without pesticides or harmful external factors, we take care of our land by making the most of the biodiversity that surrounds us.

Thinking towards a responsible and sustainable society, we have established an ambitious certification schedule for all our producers, which through 2021 will be certified in: