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Victoria Nacional

“Hacienda Victoria” (HV) is a single-estate farm located in “Cerecita”, near the coast of Ecuador.

The owners organized a team of the country’s finest specialists to build a new type of farm with exclusively production of “Arriba Nacional” cacao.


HV has recovered the ancient tradition of cultivating the “Arriba Nacional” cacao, these beans are clean, well fermented and have great, consistent “Arriba” flavors.

A tailor-made fermentation to guarantee consistency over time is easily accommodated on-demand, and HV has partnered with Casa Franceschi to broaden some of the commercial channels globally.



A unique combination between the HV Arriba Nacional variety and a tailor-made fermentation. These particular centenarians beans were carefully selected by United Fruit from Ecuadorian ancient farms after a 1940’s disease known as Basidiomycete Crinipellis (Stahel).

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Fully and unique expression of Floral “Arriba” and fruity notes, rounded cacao, mild acidity, low astringency and Bitterness.


Fruity and floral.