Who are we

Since 1830 Casa Franceschi has dedicated to cacao production and merchandising, its Venezuelan derivate and other exclusives cacaos from America. We are passionate art promoters of origin dark chocolate.

Our team

In the last 15 years Casa Franceschi has been dedicated to developing a modern organizational structure with a big love for nature and social responsibility.

Our company

We know what it means to have a good cacao because we not only grow and process cacaos; we also know very well what is needed to craft them into exquisite chocolates. Casa Franceschi is the only exporter of Venezuela cacao which maximizes the quality control of its products at all levels. This process allows that both cacaos bought throughout Venezuela and those produced at “Hacienda San José”, our farm, undergo a selection process at the Processing Center so as to develop special organoleptic profiles and comply with strict quality controls.

Our process




This cacao variety is highly aromatic with fruity and smoothy flavors. Ocumare, Canoabo, Chuao, Guasare and Porcelana are native beans very valuable for global chocolatiers



This variety comes from the crossing or hybridization between Criollo (native) and Forastero (foreign) cacaos. Carenero,Sur del Lago and Rio Caribe are cacaos very prized due to its qualities: purple-colored beans with fruity flavors; some of them are acid with bitter and astringent hints.



This variety has a smooth crust and deep purple-colored seeds, as well as strong and bitter tastes.

our varieties


It comes from Barlovento. This variety of Trinitario cacao has a slightly bitter and astringent flavor for the cherries, tobacco and earth hints.

Sur del Lago

This variety is located in the southwest, which is considered to be the most fertile area. Its beans offer a subtle fruity aroma and have a low level of acidity and astringency.

Río Caribe

This cacao is found in Paria Peninsula at northeastern Venezuela. It beans have low acidity and are slightly bitter. This variety is a mix of grains that highlight the cacao, dried fruits flavors, raw cane sugar and tobacco.

another cacaos

chuao, choroní y ocumare

They are Criollos (Native) cacaos.
This variety is located in Venezuela central coast.

Patanemo, Trincheras y Puerto Cabello:

Trinitarios (Trinitarian) cacao with native genetic

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